The Housing Association committed to Insulation and Energy measure upgrades within its Multistorey Apartment Stock to be carried out by Carillion Energy Services.

With increased Insulation,It is imperative that the existing ventilation systems operation was fully functioning and tested.

Ventilation Experts Task Externally.

Ensure correct operation of roof ventilation equipment on all multi-storey apartments.

Install new controls, blowers and axial units where required to existing systems.

Pre asbestos testing of dust and debris was carried out on the ventilation equipment to ensure correct control measures were applied.

Ventilation Experts Task Internally.

Produce a program of works to access 1000+ properties.

Airflow Test existing extract grills within internal bathrooms.

As the existing system had asbestos ductwork, provision had to be made for cleaning the localised grill and duct.

Asbestos approved PPE and Equipment were utilised, rooms were sealed to ensure there was no contamination to bathrooms.

New Balancing extract grills were fitted complete with fire dampers.

Specialist back plates were used to save on redecoration costs.

Each extract grill was balanced and airflow rates recorded.

Client report was produced providing details of works carried out and results.



Housing Association PROJECT


Inadequate airflow within an existing tenement building.

Tenants consistently complained of poor ventilation creating Condensation, Dampness and Mould Growth. 

Tenants complained of cross flow of smells between properties from the common ductwork stack.

The property had an existing twinfan system which was undersized for application extracting from 8 wet rooms.

All wet rooms were internal bathrooms with no other means of Ventilation

Pre Airflow testing after cleaning results balanced at an average of 3l/s


Installation of The Ventilation Experts Universal Blower to the existing unit.

Configured the unit settings to overcome existing duct pressure and noise levels.

The Ventilation Experts then balanced each extract location.

Post Airflow testing results balanced at 9l/s continuous Ventilation.



The Housing Association committed to service and maintenance of their communal Ventilation equipment to ensure  the equipment was maintained and worked efficiently.

The equipment is essential for 24/7 operation as all wet rooms are internal with no means of alternative ventilation.

Although the equipment was in correct working order, extract inlets had either become blocked with dirt and debris or fire dampers had closed due to age.

Pre Airflow testing and cleaning results showed poor results averaging from 0-5l/s.


Service of all extract inlets and duct inspection.

Removal and replacement of failed Fire Dampers.

Re balance of extract inlets.

Post Airflow testing results balanced at 10l/s increasing performance ten fold.


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